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Alex, Egypt
[114] $ symbol in macro - posted: 2011-10-24 21:15:53
Hi OverHertz.

in zirutils.zir there were those two macros
inline procedure FillBuffer(buf, len, _ch) {
  push edi
  edi = buf;
  ecx = len;
  al = _ch;
  rep stosb
  pop edi

inline procedure strlcpy(dest, source, len) {
  push edi
  push esi
  push ecx

  edi = $dest;
  esi = $source;
  ecx = $len;
  shr ecx, 2
  rep movsd

  ecx = $len;
  and ecx, 3
  rep movsb

  pop ecx
  pop esi
  pop edi

so i want to know when we need to use $ symbol with macro parameters like strlcpy macro,
and when we not need it like FillBuffer macro.

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OverHertz Studio
[116] - posted: 2011-10-25 15:31:36
sorry i believe i may have just missed to write the $ before the variable names when converting the procedure to an inline procedure smile

always macro variables begin with $, this allows the compiler to quickly know the difference and also makes it easier to read - allowing for someone to know which are macro variables and which are real variables smile

ps: Please remember to use code block when posting code.

   //Code Here

Thanks for report also.

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