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[1889] Let's talk Ziron 3 and charting a course forward - posted: 2023-08-12 14:01:57
About two years ago, I embarked on an ambitious project to rebuild the Ziron core with accumulated knowledge, but a momentary lapse in focus and backup procedures led to an unexpected setback. While my enthusiasm for Ziron's revival waned briefly, I turned to enhancing Ziron 2 amidst life's demands. Fast-forwarding, dedicated weekends led to the revitalization of Ziron, culminating in the introduction of Ziron 3. This update introduces a departure from the linear assembler framework, dividing it into the assembler and Zynk linker, with a unique ZOB file format. The immediate roadmap includes native 64-bit support, a cross-platform RTL, and despite Ziron 3's current feature gap with its predecessor, recent progress in resolving critical linkage issues promises smoother future enhancements. Looking ahead, Ziron's vision includes enriched semantics, enhanced functionality, and an innovative "Ziron layering system," while addressing the need for a significant update to the CodeZiron website.

To read a more detailed post, please check my blog post here

I hope to bring further news within the next months.

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