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[1507] cdecl calling convention - posted: 2015-01-22 19:39:26
program RAW_IMAGE 'test';
#set bits 32;
procedure cdecl MyProc(dword a, b, c){}
MyProc(eax, ebx, ecx);

00000000  51                push ecx
00000001  53                push ebx
00000002  50                push eax
00000003  E803000000        call dword 0xb
00000008  83C40C            add esp,byte +0xc
0000000B  55                push ebp
0000000C  8BEC              mov ebp,esp
0000000E  C9                leave
0000000F  C20C00            ret 0xc

There is also Code:
ret 0xc
but this is cdecl.
Also seems that yet not implemented variable number of arguments for internal procedures.
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[1508] - posted: 2015-01-22 19:57:05
thanks for report, fixed for next release.

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