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[1339] Open Array - posted: 2013-02-18 04:21:29
Version now has better support for arrays and initialized data, so let us take a look at creating an open array in ziron.

program WIN32CUI 'sample';

#include 'ch.zir';

//declare a small block so we can have short strings in our array
block ShortString {
  char text[32];

now we can declare our array several different ways

// here we can see the array can hold upto 6 different strings, but we only use 4 of them
ShortString value[6] = ['ziron', ' is my ', 'fav ', 'language!!!'];


// here we let ziron count the array items at compile time. 
ShortString value[] = ['ziron', ' is my ', 'fav ', 'language!!!'];
// you may also disregard the [] after value.

and finally we will print our array, so we will end our sample with:

print(@value[0], @value[1], @value[2], @value[3], '\r\n');


Some other things to note, i have tried to make ziron to be as lenient as possible so it is possible to assign different values in different ways to global variales. I will write a few examples using the same variable name for reference:

Int32 arr[4]; //all array items are null

Int32 arr[4] = 512; //first array entry is 512

Int32 arr[4] = [512, 1024, 2048]; //1-3 array items filled in last is null

Int32 arr[] = [512]; //array length 1, size 4 bytes

Int32 arr = [512, 1024]; //array length 2, size 8

I hope this helps, if you need more help just let me know smile

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