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Alex, Egypt
[831] macro keyword - posted: 2011-11-25 08:41:46
HI OverHertz

i have found this in ziron32.zir header file.
/* //TODO//

macro * saveregs {
  #local 1; //add 1 local

  #repeat #arg[]:
    #expect #arg[#local0] of eax: 'macro saveregs accepts only registers';
    push #arg[#local[0]];


so i want to know what is that.

BTW, what is your real name , so when say Hi i will put your name , my name as you already
know is Emil.
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OverHertz Studio
[835] - posted: 2011-11-25 15:16:25
Hi Emil, the first versions of Ziron i implemented a basic macro system which used the macro system, but making the system easier i changed it to inline (type) - sometime in the future i will re-implement the macro keyword .. for what i don't know yet smile and my name is Colin.

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